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Accelerator Light
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Accelerator Light --

Blue Light Whitening Gel Activator 

Achieve Ultimate Whitening Faster!  

Same principle and frequency as dentist light. .  
Hand held LED blue light offers uniform distribution blue light frequency of 465-470 Nanometers frequency. This is light is plasma beam technology so no heat just light.
Studies have shown that a LED blue light application set at the exact nanometers wavelength combined with pressure, heat and peroxide is the ultimate treatment in successful tooth whitening. Whiteness achievable by the individuals base tooth color. The wavelengths are well within the safe visible blue light spectrum of 460-490 nanometers.
To be used in conjunction with carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Blue light frequency is clinically proven to whiten teeth quicker and more evenly.  
The Secret to Fast & Effective Whitening


Light From Accelerator Intensifies Hydroxyl Radicals Accelerating the Whitening Process.


    tick Place light against teeth whitening trays.
    tick Use for 10 minutes per session.
    tick Unit includes long life batteries.
    tick Safe with no side effects.


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Accelerator Light
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